We are a community of Catholics engaged in helping to promote devotion to Our Blessed Mother's Holy Rosary, whenever and  wherever possible.  This site is a focal point for Rosary-makers, clergy and religious.  Rosary distribution is our main purpose and  because the cost of postage is so high, we are going to handle as much of this task as we can through use of modern technology of the internet.


Our main goals are to distribute Rosaries and to encourage the formation of Rosary-making groups in parishes everywhere!  


Rosaries will be provided without charge of any kind to those clergy and religious requesting them.  Verification will occur through the diocese before Rosaries are mailed.


A FREE ROSARY IS AVAILABLE TO UNITED STATES RESIDENTS - You may obtain a FREE Rosary, blessed by a priest, simply by writing to the address below.  We are very sorry but cannot mail these individual Rosaries overseas except to APO and FPO addresses.   E-Mail: rosary@beadsofpeace.com


FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER - We use Facebook and Twitter to publish inspiring articles and stories about the Rosary and the Holy Catholic Church, honor parishes and Rosary-Makers, acknowledge gifts, and announce shipments of sacramentals.  When we post an item to Facebook it is also automatically posted to Twitter.



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